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Why Choose Us?

There are those who want to stay in holiday homes because they prefer to really know the culture of the region they visit, to share with the hosts in a family atmosphere, have experiences closer to reality and enjoy everything they can. True, it is the best way to get the 100%! Casacubita strives to exceed those expectations, which is why we emphasize in our menu offer traditional dishes made with fresh, natural foods, and homemade flavor that insurance will not find in many places.

To make available part of our house, you can also enjoy a pleasant family atmosphere, share experiences and have our support and friendship.

We are in a very central location in the capital is a valuable opportunity to save on transport and access to theaters, cinemas, historic sites, beach areas, and other places that might be of interest, most of these are accessible to few meters.

In Casacubita we are left with the satisfaction of achieving each client a new friend, and is the most precious value of our enterprise.

We hope you will be our next friend!